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Endospheres is an unrivaled treatment that addresses beauty and wellness concerns by targeting the root causes of cellulite and relieving minor aches and pains. Our partnership provides an opportunity for beauty professionals to expand their services with a low-risk, high revenue-generating, in-demand non-invasive treatment. 
lymphatic drainge


Expert Training

Once you’ve been onboarded, you’ll work with our expert training team to complete both virtual and in-person training at no cost.

Customer Support

Our customer support team is available to answer any questions and direct you to the best team member to get your problem solved.

Technical Support

Our technical support team is able to assist you with any technical questions or concerns about the device.


Our partners get access to social media content, website creation, landing pages, photos, promo videos, and more.

Partner Success

You will have a dedicated Partner Success Manager to help you every step of the way.


Join our community of 1000+ partners on webinars and on our Facebook group to collaborate with others.

The Endospheres Experience: What Partners Have To Say!

Dr. Edmund Fisher
Dr Refresh Med Spa

“Adding Endospheres to my Medspa was the best decision I’ve made. Endospheres transforms the body by toning and smoothing from the inside out. I see Endospheres as the future of cellulite treatments because it works.

Amy Peterson
Skin Care by Amy Peterson

“We feel like Endospheres is a full body overhaul. Removing toxins, reducing swelling, smoothing the skin and improving circulation which is critical to skin health. Because of all the above we have seen massive improvement in cellulite and skin health.

“Artemis is a great company and have a wonderful group of people working for and with them. Very easy to work with and responsive to requests. Provides many learning opportunities for their partners, and groups on social media for partners to interact.”

– Core Cryo

“Artemis has great customer service, giving immediate attention to my questions and whatever I’ve needed to stay in business this past year. I began this journey with them a year ago. It’s been a rough year for everyone, they’ve been extremely helpful & encouraging.”

Gina T

“Working with Artemis Distribution has been such a great experience. I am always able to ask questions & the support is always there! Whether it’s from the Artemis Support Team, or from other business owners that offer the same services!”

– Sonia Martinez

“Artemis support never fails! There are quick to respond, friendly & Informative.”

– Irene Hernandez

“We love working with this company. They have been a great help.”

– Laura Smith

“Artemis is well organized and offers some of the best devices on the market.”

– Contour Club