We’re excited to invite you to become one of our exclusive Endosphères partners.

When you purchase your Endospheres you will receive:

1 Endospheres

1 bottle of oil

Endospheres Partner Benefits

Free Training

We provide a free expert training. One onsite training is included with the purchase of your Endospheres. Any additional training is free but must be attended at a training center.

Free Access to Our Growing Community

You will get access to our Facebook group to collaborate and learn from like-minded beauty professionals/entrepreneurs, as well as access to our webinars.

1-Year Warranty And Extended Warranty Option

We offer a 1-year warranty, which includes parts and labor. You can also purchase an extended warranty plus service and maintenance cover.

Ongoing marketing collateral

We provide pre-made marketing content for you. This includes printable collateral, social media content, promo videos, photos, templated landing pages and websites, and more.

Endospheres Treatments


AK Sensor All

The treatment reduces the appearance of cellulite, improves local blood circulation, enhances lymphatic drainage, relieves minor aches and pains, and increases muscle tone. The facial hand piece treats the face by stimulating lymphatic drainage, relaxing and toning facial muscles, increasing collagen and elastin, and decreasing fine lines and wrinkles.

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Treatment Pricing

$ 0

Face Single Treatment

$ 0

Body Single Treatment

$ 0

Face 12 pack Treatments

$ 0

Body 12 pack Treatments

Return on Investment

After Funds Have Cleared Artemis' Account, The Following Is Required:

1. Sign up for your Onboarding Orientation.

You must attend the Onboarding Orientation, which will be a meeting to discuss everything you need to know about your Endospheres.

2. Register for and obtain your Endospheres certification.

During your Onboarding Orientation, your onboarding manager will share the training requirements. Training includes an online course and in-person training.

3. Start your pre-marketing!

We provide 'done-for-you' and 'ready-to-use', marketing content to pre-promote the service, even before the device ships. During the Onboarding Orientation, we will explain how to post on Instagram and Facebook, and how to use ready-to-print collateral, such as posters and brochures. The goal is to start selling packages as soon as your Endospheres arrives!


$59,900 + sales tax + oil ($40/bottle)

Before delivery, you’ll want to do your best to prepare for a successful launch of Endospheres. Post/print the ‘ready-for-you’ marketing content, attend online training and set up your treatment room to make it welcoming for your (hopefully!) new clientele.

To pay off your Endospheres you would need to sell thirty 12-packs.

The first training included in the purchase of your Endospheres at your retail location. Additional training is offered at one of our training centers. 

It takes about 6 weeks to receive your Endospheres after you sign up. 

Artemis provides an onboarding manager and onboarding process. We also provide support services for you whenever needed.

Body hand-piece maintenance:
Replaces motor, spheres, Both cooling fans, and the gearbox (if needed). 
This also includes what we call a “deep cleaning” which just means cleaning the internals which are not exposed. 
The only time the deep cleaning is needed on its own is when partners are using too much oil on the patient’s skin and it accumulates inside, often damaging components and resulting in premature (sometimes complete, sometimes partial) maintenance. 
Lastly, we provide the maintenance timer reset code bringing the timer from its remaining hours back up to 500.

Facial hand-piece maintenance:
Replaces motor, and spheres (more expensive than body spheres). Includes same “deep cleaning” and maintenance timer reset code, bringing the timer from its remaining hours back up to 400.
Parts physically broken are not covered under warranty. 
Moving parts that fail due to extensive use are not covered under warranty: Spheres, motors, gearboxes, etc. Parts such as the pressure sensor that fail on their own are covered under warranty.
Parts that fail due to extensive or improper use are not covered under warranty. However, if something like a display were to fail on its own it would be covered. 
To ensure proper warranty coverage, the Artemis partner must follow our protocols.
Shipping fees for hand-pieces are covered under warranty. 
Shipping fees for the machine are covered, unless the result of physical damage or negligence by the partner. 

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