Return on Investment (ROI)


Endospheres is available on our monthly subscription service or you can purchase it outright. If you sold just one Endospheres treatment everyday for seven days, you would cover your subscription.


To help with your purchasing decision, we’ve illustrated the payback and ROI potential below.

Endospheres AK Sensor All

$ 1000 +sales tax


One session per day = positive ROI in 8 days

$ 24000


One session per day = positive ROI in 218 days

(around 7 months)

*With the treatments priced at $275

(our recommended pricing)

Now imagine that you do more than one session per day!  
The ROI potential could be much more… 

ROI Example

Five 12-session packages
Two 18-session packages
Monthly revenue
Endospheres All subscription


*At $2,800/month this is over 5x ROI

How a business can grow with Endospheres.

Amir Rostamirad

Beauté Aesthetics

Amir did not have experience with beauty or wellness, but decided to buy into the business 8 years ago and now has 6 locations and will be opening 2 more this year.


Beauté Aesthetics offers state of the art technology, which has helped thousands of men and women enhance their beauty.


January 2022: $20,000


Other months have averaged: $13,000-$14,000


Trending to make: $240,000 in 2022

How Endospheres impacted his business.

Amir started providing Endospheres at his business because it has very low consumable cost and clients see results.

“I’ve had clients do 2 sessions of Endospheres and see results. They feel it, they feel better. Some people take more than a couple of sessions but they still feel progress. People want to see results quickly and [get treatments] that are non-invasive.”

The results and the fact that Endospheres is non-invasive are the major drivers for Amir and Beauté Aesthetics.

“I sent a couple people to try [Endospheres] out. They liked it very much. Then I went and tried it out myself and saw how the treatment is, the results, how it’s non-invasive, and the return on your time was all worth it. The results of Endospheres have been incredible. The feedback has been phenomenal. Everyone loves it.”

Clients love Endospheres so much, Amir has added more devices to his locations.

“We’ve added a second Endospheres and are planning on adding a third and fourth.”