The Science


Endospheres is a clinically proven technology that uses a patented mechanism of action called Compressive Microvibration through a roller device composed of 55 silicon spheres, which generates low-frequency mechanical vibrations. This acts on reducing the appearance of cellulite cellulite, improving muscle tone, activating blood flow, decreasing minor aches and pains, and enhancing lymphatic drainage.

Endospheres is the most advanced treatment for various types of cellulite. A study was conducted with 656 subjects, across 24 medical centers, and published a 97.8% patient satisfaction rating. The treatment is non-invasive with no downtime.

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Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite
The wave produced by the application of Compressive Microvibration on the tissues breaks down fibrous septae, which, in conjunction with the four other actions, results in a reduction of cellulite by addressing its root causes.
Enhance Lymphatic Drainage
The mechanism of Compressive Microvibration moves excess water and trapped toxins towards major lymphatic ducts, where they can then be cycled out of the body via the lymphatic system.
Activate Blood Flow
Endospheres improves microcirculation in the treatment area through the pumping effect, which produces increased oxygenation of the tissues, as well as a restorative effect.
Decrease Minor Aches and Pains
Compressive Microvibration stimulates mechanoreceptors which helps to reduce pain and inflammation. The stimulation of these skin receptors triggers the release of endorphins, which also promotes pain relief.
Improve Muscle Tone
The application of Compressive Microvibration activates neuromuscular spindles and improves oxygen and nutrient intake, which leads to the strengthening and toning of muscles.

Reduce The Appearance of cellulite

Specifically for reducing the appearance of cellulite, Endospheres cleverly combines both microvibration and microcompression technology, triggering the fibrous septae to break down.

The hand piece uses the rotating spheres, which causes a pulsating effect to contour problem areas. First, it restores the physiological vascular tissue conditions and then offers increased collagen and elastin to effectively remodel and smooth the dimpling.

Enhance lymphatic drainage

The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials, however the lymphatic system does not have its own active pumping system, and it needs the body’s movement, breathing, intestinal activity, and muscle action to create flow and push the toxins out of the body.

Endospheres utilizes the mechanism of compressive microvibration, moving excess water and trapped toxins towards major lymphatic ducts, where they can then be cycled out of the body via the lymphatic system. Endospheres is the ideal choice for anyone looking to improve lymphatic function, which is crucial for optimal immunity.